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February 21, 2012

ALERT! Only a Couple Days to Support European Union Labeling of Tar Sands as Highly Polluting

Vital that EU votes to label tar sands as highly pollutingTAKE ACTION HERE NOW!

The European Commission – the executive branch of the European Union (EU) – will be voting in the next couple days whether to designate Canada’s tar sands [search] as being “highly polluting”. Given tar sands’ terrible ecological impacts upon our shared global atmosphere – and Canadian boreal forests, water, and indigenous peoples - the answer should be painfully obvious, and a resounding YES. Such a designation would be a significant setback for tar sands growth. Yet given the power of the ecocidal oil oligarchy which rules Canada and much of the world, empowered global citizens need to let the EU know the world expects, indeed demands, the EU do the right thing in condemning tar sands – in order to establish a level playing field for a renewable, efficient, and conservation based energy future.