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December 7, 2011

ALERT! Don’t Frack with Our Water: Support New York State Residents in Maintaining the Ban

Fracking needs to be banned in New York and globally – criminalizing fracking and all fracking related activityTAKE ACTION HERE NOW!

The New York State government is set to end its fracking ban [search] – a dangerous natural gas drilling method – placing its citizens, water and ecology at great risk. Fracking blasts water mixed with toxics at high pressure into the ground to shatter deep bedrock – releasing toxic methane, chemicals and other contamination – while destroying crucial water resources and destabilizing the land. Tell Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo that fracking will never be environmentally acceptable, much less sustainable, and that it needs to be permanently banned. Failure to do so makes him personally responsible for vast water contamination that will forever poison New York citizens he has sworn to serve and protect.