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August 28, 2011

ALERT UPDATE! Tell President Obama Tar Sands Pipeline Approval Will Alienate Green Base, Warrant Return of His Nobel Peace Prize

By ClimateArk, a project of Ecological Internet

Reject Deadly Tar Sands Oil PipelinesTAKE ACTION HERE NOW!

The struggle over the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline [search] – which would run over 1,500 miles from Alberta, Canada to Texas, extending the reach of Canada's filthy and addictive tar sands trade far into the United States – is shaping up to be an epic political battle. When Alberta, Canada's tar sands are fully developed, along with its vast proposed pipeline network, the planet will be pushed into abrupt and runaway climate change. Ongoing environmental protest in Washington DC to stop the tar sands pipeline was decimated this past Friday by Obama's State Department approval of the pipeline. On tar sands and fracking in particular, President Obama has abandoned his green base, meaning after an early retirement he will have time to earn that Nobel Prize. Barring Obama’s final rejection of tar sands pipelines, a decision that is his to make, it should be returned immediately.