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June 21, 2011

ALERT! Stop UN Climate Science Panel Moves to Fund, Research & Implement Geoengineering "Climate Solution"

By Ecological Internet's Climate Ark Climate Change Portal

Is humanity ready to engineer a livable biosphere forever?TAKE ACTION HERE NOW!

Geoengineering is the proposed large scale manipulation of Earth’s oceans, soils, sunlight and atmosphere with the intent of combating climate change. With no mandate, the UN's International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) [search] has begun talks on funding geoengineering research [search]. Past adoption of virtually all major new technologies regardless of risk shows us if developed, geoengineering will surely be implemented. Modifying Earth at a planetary scale is so complex, and ecological and other side effects potentially so severe, that dire unintended consequences are certain. Simply, a biosphere cannot be engineered. The only way to address climate and ecology change is to end ecosystem loss and fossil fuel use; while equitably reducing emissions, consumption and population. Tell the United Nations to get out of the business of geoengineering, and lead by example in embracing social change and personal transformation adequate to achieve global climate and ecological sustainability.


Well, we are geoengineering by
a - seeing what the seas will look like with >10% of vertebrates left, including most apex predators
b - dumping 300 million years of stored CO2 into the atmosphere in 1 century
c - destroying 1/2 of the world's topsoil in the same period

Given that none of these 3 geoengineering projects are going to be stopped any time soon, maybe we need to look at *remediating* the effects.

We don't even need to research - we just need to build full scale prototypes and get testing. There will be side effects. I agree it would be better to stop doing what we're doing. But we can't, unless we kill a lot of people very quickly. A lot.

Our current course is going to see CO2 well past 450 ppm, full die-off of the oceans, and a trashing of anything left during the 30 year collapse after FF decline below EROEI=1.

So, kill a few billion in the next couple of years, OR do some geoengineering and let the extraction limits take the species down to sustainable levels while retaining a holocene climate.

Thank you Robert for sharing your thoughts. Briefly, I do not agree that historical environmental destruction of which you give examples is geoengineering. I consider geoengineering to include human agency, knowledge of the risks and consequences, and intent. Why take such drastic measures when we haven't even tried alternatives like overthrowing the governments and industries responsible, in order to allow ecology to draw upon its regenerative powers. This is what you do when they threaten survival, not build a frankensphere machine. And besides, it won't work. It can't, is beyond us, well beyond us, it is desperate when we don't even have will which is a poor combination.

It seems that industries and governments do not want to be bothered with all forms of policies and rules that curb their movement.