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May 15, 2010

ALERT! Obama’s Crude Awakening: Offshore Oil Drilling Is Ecologically Devastating and Must End

By Ecological Internet's Climate Ark Climate Change Portal

Obama’s Crude AwakeningTAKE ACTION HERE NOW!

U.S. oil addiction [search] is killing American and global ecology. An international wake-up call must be delivered to both the administration and Congress, to focus more effort upon reducing the demand for oil. The risks and costs of offshore oil [search] exploration far outweigh their benefits, and the U.S. would be better off focusing upon promoting alternative energy sources. Will virtually every remaining intact ecosystem be razed to access every last bit of oil before we transition to lower energy use, a low carbon economy and renewable energy?


New estimates are the Gulf Oil Spill is leaking at least 10 times the amount of oil as previous estimates of 5,000 barrels (210,000 gallons, or 795,000 liters) a day, meaning the ongoing spill already far exceeds the Exxon Valdez accident. BP has shown it lacks the necessary capacity to handle the spill, as capping the leak has taken too long, and the cleanup will be massive. Given the extent of the ongoing spill, and the potential for the spill to spread more widely during the hurricane season, the federal government must immediately nationalize the spill response and take the lead in capping the leak and containing the spill.

The Gulf Oil Spill is a clarion call to implement comprehensive climate and energy policies that address U.S. oil addiction. The first step is to ensure offshore drilling does not accelerate. Obama and his top deputies have yet to talk about reducing the nation's dependence on fossil fuels in connection with the oil spill. The underlying cause of this disaster is our dangerous and dirty addiction to oil. This addiction is killing American and global ecology. An international wake-up call must be delivered to both the administration and Congress, to focus more effort upon reducing the demand for oil, and end offshore oil drilling.




Off-shore frilling MUST stop… We do NOT need more oil but more renewable GREEN energy… We need to get our priorities straight and move toward the future… Ready… let’s begin...


People should get out of their cars and walk, cycle, take public transport, and lobby their elected officials to improve facilities for all of these. We have to reduce our oil use.

The east coast of Canada will also be a oil spill waiting to happen. The Government has given the ok to off shore drill. Plus to add to what I call recklessness from these governments. The oil companies want to put a pipeline from the Tar sands in Alberta to the west coast to put on to ships. If that takes place. It will be just a matter of time before there will be more oil in our oceans. Not just on one side of Canada but both.

These actions must stop before it is to late.

This oil spill needs to be taken care of NOW! We are losing millions of dollars by it leaking out into the ocean. NOT TO MENTION, we are killing and hurting the sealife that lives in the ocean. This is greatly effecting the lives of many creatures and will effect them even after the clean up has occured. The entire world needs to help in the clean up and we need to act as fast as possible.

We are wasting to much oil already and now we're wasting more with the oil spills. and pretty soon we wont have any oil to waste or enough oil for the things we need it for.

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Massive Arctic ice island drifting toward shipping lanes The biggest Arctic “ice island” to form in
nearly 50 years — a 250-square-kilometer behemoth described as four times the size of Manhattan —
has been discovered after a Canadian scientist scanning satellite images of northwest Greenland spotted
a giant break in the famed Petermann - Aug 07 10:16am
In another research, using Autosub, an autonomous underwater vehicle, researchers led by the British Antarctic
Survey have captured ocean and sea-floor measurements, which revealed a 300 meter high
ridge on the sea floor. Pine Island Glacier was once sitting atop this underwater ridge,
which slowed its flow into the sea. The warm water, trapped under the ice, is causing the
bottom of the ice shelf to thaw, resulting in continuousthinning and acceleration of glacial
melt. Lead author Adrian Jenkins said, "The discovery of the ridge has raised new questions
about whether the current loss of ice from Pine Island Glacier is caused by recent climate
change or is a continution of a longer-term process that began when the glacier disconnect
from the ridge".

Not only warm water, but also concentrated Magnesium Chloride =7,100 p.p.m & Sodium

Chloride= 31,000 p.p.m. (de-icing agents) trapped under the ice, is causing the bottom of the
ice shelf to thaw, resulting in continuous thinning and acceleration of glacial melt
(under water glacier cutting).

Last Winter, Australian Glaciologist, Neal Young, declared that more than 300 icebergs are

floating in the East Antarctica.


Worde Ice shelf March 1986
Larsen A Ice shelf January 1995
Larsen B Ice shelf February 2002
Jones Ice Shelf 2008
Wilkins Ice shelf March 2008

If the Ice shelves are disintegrating during WINTER, it is not SUN or CO2.
U.N. Secretary General, BAN KI-MOON recently declared that " Let me be clear, the thread of
Climate Change is real ".

"The Climate is changing" said JAY LAWRIMORE, Chief of Climate Analysing at the National
Climate Data Center in Asheville, N.C. "Extreme events are occuring with greater frequency and
in many cases with greater intensity".

The current Climate Change is due to the following:-
1. Mushrooming of Sea water desalination systems in the Middle East: Discharging of desalination
& Cleaning chemicals & Concentrated brine into Oceans & Seas.
2. Artificial Island developments in the Arabian Gulf since 1985: dredging, drilling, dynamiting &
excavation of sea floor shifted Magnesium Chloride, Sulfur & Sodium Chloride.
The geographic position of the Arabian Gulf, Ocean circulations bringing it to Arctic & Antarctic Oceans
during Monsoon seasons along with hot water of the Middle East.
Those who are having the Oceans water Analysis since 1980 will WIN the Climate WAR. Concentrated
7,100 p.p.m. of Magnesium Chloride & 31,000 p.p.m. of Sodium Chloride are detected in the Arabian Gulf.
These are De-icing agents which are helping to disintegrates the Arctic & Antarctic Ice shelves. Now
International Desalination Association (IDA) formed a committee to investigate about it.
If we enforce strict Environmental regulations, recover MgCl3 and NaCl3 at Straight of Hormosa and
Straight of Gibraltar and recover those at closed eddies of Baffin Bay & Green Land Sea. Sea ice & Ice
shelfs in Arctic & Antarctic are Natural Air Conditioners of the Planet EARTH. When more ice in both
Poles, the third Pole, as Scientists described, Himalayas will have abundance of ice and Snow & Bolivi
will have more Glaciers & water.
Book releasing soon in USA " Environmental Rapes & H. R. abuses Lead to Climate Change Control".
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GROUP in Face book.
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I don't think we can stop drilling for oil, as our modern economy needs it, period. The only way to stop drilling for oil is to go back to the days of the late 1800's.

BUT, we need stricter safety measures and stricter penalties for spills like this that poison the planet.

We also need to focus on other energy technologies.

All in all, we need a level-headed approach.